Pass or Pursue: Top 10 NBA Center Free Agents in 2022

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6. Mo Bamba (Restricted)

Height: 7-0
Age: 24

Although he was a promising prospect right off the bat as the sixth overall pick in 2018, Mo Bamba hasn't really been given a real shot at showing off his full potential in Orlando. Some of that falls on the young center himself, as there have been questions about his motor in the past.

The Magic coaching staff also shoulders some of that blame with stubborn rotations, and unavoidable circumstances like illness and injuries also carry some of the blame as well.

Nevertheless, there's a lot to love about Bamba and his 7-10 wingspan. Our friends at Orlando Magic Daily did a much more in-depth assessment of his fourth season, but where Bamba really excelled was shooting the rock from the outside (38.1%) and swatting shots inside (1.7 blocks per game).

Bamba was paid $7.5 million last season and said last November he was excited to be part of the Magic's talented young group. He also emphasized how he wants to win, and Orlando has gone just 118-191 since he's been on their roster. Still, they will ultimately be able to match offers from others as long as they can afford it.

Air Alamo writer Roberto Araiza had this to say about possibly pursuing Bamba: "if Jakob stays with the team, I'd look at one of the younger guys on this list that have some unexplored upside. That could be someone like Claxton or Bamba."

I 100% agree.

Air Alamo Staff: 6 yes