Pass or Pursue: The 10 NBA Players Most Likely to Be Traded By Feb. 10

Marvin Bagley III, Buddy Hield
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San Antonio Spurs
Jusuf Nurkic / Soobum Im/GettyImages

9. Jusuf Nurkic - Portland Trail Blazers

The San Antonio Spurs have benefitted from acquiring former Trail Blazers in the past, mainly Patty Mills and LaMarcus Aldridge. As Stein mentioned in his deadline preview, there are two more that could be available, beginning with Bosnian center Jusuf Nurkic.

Nurkic would instantly bring a rebounding jolt to the Spurs, who've had some issues keeping opponents off the offensive glass all season long. He also has an underrated passing game and works particularly well with cutters, which San Antonio has an abundance of.

All that being said, I can't help but have flashbacks of "last-legs" Aldridge when I see Jusuf playing defense. He simply doesn't offer resistance in the paint, and that's a critical part of the Spurs' defense when it's playing well. Unfortunately, I can't really see that changing either.

Verdict: Pass

San Antonio Spurs
Robert Covington / Soobum Im/GettyImages

10. Robert Covington - Portland Trail Blazers

The other Blazer that should draw interest from several teams at the trade deadline is 31-year-old Robert Covington. Throughout his 8-plus years in the NBA, the 6-7 forward has established himself as a versatile defender who can knock down timely threes. Making the NBA All-Defensive First Team in 2018, some might argue he should have a couple more appearances on one of those teams since then.

Like Nurkic, Covington is also set to be an unrestricted free agent this season so could very well be available without giving up assets if San Antonio had interest but wanted to wait the situation out.

Given the freefall season the Blazers are having, it wouldn't surprise me to see them reaching out to several teams to part with this duo, but I don't really see either of them being worth giving up what they're probably seeking.

Verdict: Pass