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Pass or Pursue: The 10 NBA Players Most Likely to Be Traded By Feb. 10

Marvin Bagley III, Buddy Hield
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2. Myles Turner - Indiana Pacers

As part of the same report that the Pacers were going full blowup mode, Myles Turner was also mentioned as someone available in trade talks and was on Stein's list of the most likely guys to be traded.

As is the case with Sabonis, Turner would speed up the rebuild, but it's unclear how much of a long-term change he'd make in the Spurs' effort to get back to being real contenders in the Western Conference.

The 6-11 center has led the league in blocks per game in two of the last three seasons and is doing so again this season by tallying nearly three per contest. The biggest advantage to acquiring Turner would undoubtedly be his interior defense and overall ability to intimidate drives to the basket.

As we've discussed previously, there would also be cons to San Antonio trading for Turner. As with Sabonis, it would likely cost the Spurs some future assets and young talent they're not yet ready to give up on since Indiana is working to rebuild with youth. He would also be yet another big to add to the growing list in the Alamo City that includes Jakob Poeltl, Jock Landale, Drew Eubanks, Zach Collins, and now Devontae Cacok.

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Granted, Turner is a significant step up from all of these guys, but Jakob is pretty close to doing what he's doing on a much friendlier deal. Again, a guy that would be a great fit but not someone the Spurs should sacrifice too much for, which is probably what the Pacers will be asking.

Verdict: Pass