Pass or Pursue: Top 10 NBA Free Agents in 2022

Bradley Beal, Deandre Ayton
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San Antonio Spurs - NBA Free Agents
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9. Jusuf Nurkic (Unrestricted)

On paper, Jusuf Nurkic seems like he'd be a decent fit in San Antonio. He's 6-11 with a jump shot, was born outside of the United States, and is a pretty good passer for a frontcourt player. Unfortunately, he's also been quite injury prone since January 2021.

Jusuf's latest bout with left foot plantar fasciitis sidelined him from late February through the rest of the NBA season, and that injury is something that's been bothering him since last September. Over the last three seasons, the talented scorer has only suited up for eight, 37, and 56 games.

While there's a universe where Nurkic could've thrived in San Antonio, it's just simply too much of a risk at this point to gamble on him remaining available.

Verdict: Pass

San Antonio Spurs - NBA Free Agents
Anfernee Simons / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

8. Anfernee Simons (Restricted)

It's safe to say Anfernee Simons officially arrived in a big way this season. With Portland deciding to blow it all up by parting with Normal Powell and CJ McCollum, the door cracked open for the fourth-year guard to have his most productive season yet. When Damian Lillard was ruled out for the season, that door flew off the hinges.

The 22-year-old averaged 23.4 points, 5.8 assists, and 2.7 rebounds per game from the beginning of 2022 through March 5th, when his knee injury cut his season short. He did so on an astounding 42.3% mark from beyond the arc on 10.4 attempts per game. No Spur even averaged close to six 3-point attempts.

After the way he took over in Lillard's absence, it's unlikely the Portland Trail Blazers would be able to retain their rising star with a hometown discount. As Greg Swartz shared at Bleacher Report a few months ago, Simons' production had his real-time contract value at $20.5 million per season around the time he was shut down for the year.

The Blazers will likely do everything in their power to keep their young dynamic scorer. That said, I don't care if the Spurs are full of guards -- you have to at least kick the tires around on someone like Simons.

Verdict: Pursue