Pass or Pursue: 3 Guys Frequently Mocked to the Spurs

Bennedict Mathurin
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3. Jean Montero, G

6'2 point guard Jean Montero is an exciting prospect who CBS Sports expects to be selected by the Spurs with Toronto's pick. Admittedly, I'm not crazy about San Antonio taking their fifth point guard in seven drafts, but there's a lot to like about Montero's game.

The 18-year-old has a knack for getting into the paint and is able to create space by shaking defenders with his handles or by using his speed. He also has great form on his jumper and can even shoot threes off the dribble, which is a valuable skill for any guard, especially one who can blow by defenders. As a playmaker, Montero shows a lot of promise but is still learning to balance scoring with creating for others.

That's all good, and he could have a bright future, but San Antonio already has Tre Jones, who's played well, and looks like he could be the team's backup point guard of the future. Also, I'm not sure Montero would be the best player available in the late teens. Although tempting, the Spurs should probably look elsewhere.

Verdict: Pass

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Overall, this draft has a lot of talent, and San Antonio should have no problem adding to their terrific young core, particularly if Mathurin and Jovic are available. There's no guarantee that they will be, however, especially if they see their draft stock rise or the Spurs look to consolidate their picks. That said, no matter who San Antonio picks, the odds are high that they will exceed expectations.