Pass or Pursue: 3 Guys Frequently Mocked to the Spurs

Bennedict Mathurin
Bennedict Mathurin / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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With four picks in the 2022 NBA Draft, fans of the San Antonio Spurs have likely played close attention to each mock draft ahead of the actual one on June 23rd. While they offer a wide range of opinions, there are several players who've often been mocked to be selected by the Spurs.

Of course, some of those players are better fits than others, but which ones? With the draft approaching, let's take a look at three players who have been frequently mocked to the Spurs and decide whether they should be passed up or pursued.

San Antonio Spurs
Bennedict Mathurin / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

1. Benn Mathurin, SG

Bleacher Report projects Arizona guard Bennedict Mathurin to be selected by San Antonio in the lottery, and he’d make for an interesting fit. At 6’6, with a 6’9 wingspan, Mathurin has good size for a wing and has the skill needed to be an above-average scorer in the NBA. Furthermore, at Arizona, he played a lot with the ball in his hands and has proven to be very skilled at creating in the pick and roll.

Mathurin made good use of hesitation dribbles in those situations to get opposing bigs to stop in their tracks before then blowing by them. Once in the paint, he displayed a nice-looking floater and has the athleticism to bang on just about anyone who challenges him at the rim.

Additionally, Murthurin also proved effective as a cutter, allowing him to get easy half court baskets while moving without the ball.

That shot selection allowed him to shoot an impressive 52% on 2-pointers, but Mathurin is also a bomber from outside. In fact, he connected on 35% of his 6.1 attempts per game and did more than just spot-up. He was able to get open by running off screens and taking a fair amount of threes off the dribble. That shooting versatility should help him in the NBA, and he projects to be an above-average 3-point shooter, which, combined with his shot creation, should make him a legit offensive weapon.

Regarding his potential fit on the Spurs, there would be some overlap with Lonnie Walker (if he's re-signed) but Mathurin has a higher ceiling and could end up making him expendable. The Spurs could always use more shooting, shot creation, and scoring, and he can do all three, which means he could eventually join the starting lineup. So should the Spurs take him 9th overall? if he's still available, definitely -- considering he'd likely be the best player available.

Verdict: Pursue