Pass or fail: 3 Spurs trade ideas from B/R

P.J. Washington, Zach Collins
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The Spurs and Hornets have been rumored as trade partners for many months now, and this deal may be the best trade scenario possible for the two teams.

San Antonio would send the Hornets Jakob Poeltl and Josh Richardson while getting Mason Plumlee, P.J. Washington, and James Bouknight in return, leaving the Spurs' frontcourt fully reinvigorated. Plumlee is probably best suited as an energy player off the bench, leaving room for Washington to slide into the starting lineup.

With P.J. Washington starting alongside Keldon Johnson, the two would be able to wreak havok from beyond the arc with their pinpoint accuracy. A career 37.5% three-point shooter, Washington's shooting is uncommon for a player of his size. After playing at center for most of the year in Charlotte, his inside-out game is developing and he's one of the most underrated young wings in the league.

The mystery part of this trade is the rookie, James Bouknight. In his first year as a pro, he showed flashes of elite athleticism and quickness as a scorer. But he didn't get very much playing time, logging just 9.8 minutes in 31 contests. Still, he would be an excellent addition with his high upside.

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This trade feels like the most well-balanced of the three, as Charlotte would be able to add more scoring punch with Richardson while landing a rock-solid starting center in Poeltl. If this deal were on the table, both sides should be pushing the button.

Verdict: Pass