Pass or fail: 3 Spurs trade ideas from B/R

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Many Spurs fans would probably hate to lose Josh Richardson to their division rival Memphis Grizzlies, but the consolation prize is that they'd get to link back up with an old friend in Danny Green.

After being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Green found his way to San Antonio, where he spent the next eight seasons of his career. It was with the Spurs that Danny established himself as a prolific three-point shooter and lockdown perimeter defender. He was part of the 2014 Spurs championship team and etched his name into the hearts of countless San Antonians.

Getting Green back in the Silver and Black would be a sweet feeling for Spurs fans, but the problem is that he's coming off an ACL injury suffered in the Eastern Conference Semifinals in May. As a result, there's a low chance he'll even see the court this coming season.

Since this trade wouldn't net the Spurs any new rotational players in the short term, Danny Green's only functional purpose would be acting as a mentor and locker room presence until he's able to get back on the court.

The three second-round picks would likely be used as future trade fodder. So even though having Danny back around could be fun, the Spurs would probably choose to pass on this one.

Verdict: Fail