Pass or fail: 3 Spurs trade ideas from B/R

P.J. Washington, Zach Collins
P.J. Washington, Zach Collins / Eakin Howard/GettyImages
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San Antonio Spurs
Jakob Poeltl / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

This proposed trade would see the Spurs sending Jakob Poeltl to the Charlotte Hornets while getting back a couple of useful frontcourt pieces. While the Spurs dealing Poeltl was discussed during the season last year, it didn't seem as realistic a possibility as it does now. Jakob is one of the more consistent starting centers in the league, and he'd be an instant floor-raiser for any team.

There's no doubt Charlotte would be very appreciative of his services. It certainly seems this trade would be a win for both sides, with LaMelo Ball gaining a strong pick-and-roll threat that's also a fantastic defender.

For the Spurs, they'd essentially be able to replace the 26-year-old Poeltl with a slightly younger 24-year-old P.J. Washington. With San Antonio having already gotten younger this offseason, a player like Washington would fit their timeline better.

Not to mention Spurs fans would finally get to see Kai Jones don the Silver and Black after the team passed up on drafting him in 2021. He didn't do much in his rookie season to make himself a valuable asset, but Jones became a darling of the San Antonio faithful due to his Texas connections.

Overall, this trade could be a solid way for the Spurs to move on from Jakob Poeltl while getting some nice assets to boot.

Verdict: Pass