Pass or fail: 3 Spurs trade ideas from B/R

P.J. Washington, Zach Collins
P.J. Washington, Zach Collins / Eakin Howard/GettyImages
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With one month left in the NBA offseason, rumors are still swirling about who will be traded and who will still be on their team's roster when the season tips off. Earlier this week, Bleacher Report put together one potential trade for every NBA team before training camp starts. Unsurprisingly, the San Antonio Spurs were involved in several of these mock trades.

Since the Spurs traded their All-Star point guard Dejounte Murray at the end of June, it's been clear that they're planning to head into a total rebuild this coming season. As a result, several of the players on their roster are available that wouldn't have been before.

While San Antonio was still in position to compete for the playoffs, it wouldn't have made sense to deal crucial rotational players like Jakob Poeltl. But now that they're likely going to be in position to obtain a high lottery pick next June, such pieces are expendable for the cause of taking on future assets.

Even while they were still playoff hopefuls, the Spurs were already involved in trade talks with multiple teams due to league-wide interest in several of their players. So, let's take a look at some deals that could be in San Antonio's future.