Panic or Patience: 3 Troubling Spurs' Trends in 2022

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3. The Spurs' allergy to the free throw line is real

San Antonio's recent victory over the Los Angeles Lakers was perhaps the best example of how big of a problem the free throw line has become. The Spurs shot just 16-of-30 from the line even with their worst free throw shooter (Poeltl) making six of his eight attempts.

While we can chalk the 53.3% night to being an anomaly, it still represents one of the league's worst shooting teams from the charity stripe. The Spurs have been firmly in the bottom five in free throw percentage, which is made even worse by the fact that they get to the line fewer times than anyone (or is that actually good?)

Not getting to the line enough and not getting free points when you get there is the worst combination you can have when it comes to drawing fouls. Along with clutch performances, the free throw line is certainly where the Spurs miss someone like DeMar DeRozan the most.

While this is a disturbing trend, this season is the first in a while in which the Spurs have struggled this much in the free throw department. It's to be expected, for the most part. There aren't any superstars in San Antonio this year, so that already takes a big chunk of calls they should be getting right away.

They also don't have many fearless, put-your-body-on-the-line drivers beyond Keldon Johnson and Lonnie Walker -- the latter which often avoids contact instead of embracing it.

This is definitely an issue the Spurs could vastly improve upon with improvements to the roster, and it hasn't been a problem long enough to be super concerned about just yet. Still, it's something to monitor.

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Verdict: Patience