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The Most Surprising Spurs Performance in Each Championship Run

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2007: Oberto puts up 14 and 7 in back-to-back playoff games

The 2007 Utah Jazz finished 51-31 with the third-best NBA offense in the NBA entering the playoffs. They also handled the Golden State Warriors easily in the second round to set up an interesting Western Conference Finals with the Spurs.

San Antonio was going to need all the offense they could generate to take Utah out, and they had their fourth man in Games 1 and 2 thanks to Fabricio Oberto. With The Big Three pacing the Spurs in both, Oberto's consistency as the starting center helped them jump out to a 2-0 series lead.

The Argentinian veteran put up 14 points and pulled down seven boards in both of the contests and made 12 of his 15 shots combined in the two opening games. He also turned the ball over just twice in 52 minutes.

Throughout the dominant run of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili, they often only needed one more guy to come along for the ride against tough opponents. Oberto was that guy for both of these games and even put up 11 points and 11 boards in Game 4 before San Antonio closed the series out in five.

All three of Fabricio's double-digit scoring performances that year came in this series. Surprise, Utah.