Most important 3 trades in Spurs history

San Antonio Spurs, DeMar DeRozan
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The Spurs trade for George Gervin

George Gervin started his career as a member of the ABA’s Virginia Squires, but when they got strapped for cash, they sold his contract to the Spurs for $228,000. That’s only $1.3 in 2022 money, which is chump change for San Antonio’s first-ever superstar. The Iceman embodied Spurs’ basketball before the Big Three or David Robinson ever got a shot at playing pro ball.

Gervin was a 12-time All-Star and four time Scoring Champ, and was the first Spur to enter the Hall of Fame. 

To attest to just how much of a rip-off this was, the Squires’ owner had a case of seller's remorse and took the Spurs ownership group to court, demanding that Gervin be returned to Virginia. The judge, a Spurs fan, told the Squires to get lost and that the deal was done. 

If you’re willing to take your trade partner to court, I would say that’s pretty clear evidence that you didn’t do so hot in the trade. 

Next. Gregg Popovich was a hooper fifty years ago. dark

The Spurs traded Gervin to the Bulls in the twilight of his career for Dave Greenwood, who never did much in San Antonio. Regardless of how his time in Texas ended, Gervin remains one of the best scores ever and one of the best Spurs to ever play. And to think that he cost less than Andre Drummond’s current contract. What a steal.