How Knicks, Wizards Could Be Crucial in Spurs' Draft Odds

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The Spurs benefit if Washington pulls it together

It hasn't been an easy March for the Washington Wizards, who always tend to have wild games against the Silver and Black. They're just 3-9 this month and have lost eight of their last nine games. If they can pull it together even a little bit over their final 10 games, though, that will help San Antonio.

The Wizards are another team that could potentially fall behind the Spurs if they keep losing while San Antonio makes a push for the play-in. They're currently projected for the 9th pick, which is where the odds of getting a top four pick go from 1-in-5 to about 1-in-7 when going to 10th. If Washington and New York both falter and push the Spurs to 11th, that goes down to about 1-in-13.

The Wizards currently have the 15th-toughest remaining schedule in the NBA, including matchups with Milwaukee, Boston, and Chicago. Still, they have some winnable games versus the Pistons and Magic coming up. As a bonus, if they can somehow upset the streaking Boston Celtics in early April, that could help the Spurs' pick from them improve a bit.

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There will certainly be a lot of shuffling in the standings as the season's final weeks play out, and if a couple of struggling East squads can make a push, the Spurs might just reap valuable benefits.