Grading Every Spurs Starter's 2021-22 Season

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Devin Vassell

It’s possible that Devin Vassell was the worst starter in terms of living up to the hype and also being one of only a few untradable pieces on this team. He was picked 11th overall two years ago and ranks 12th in minutes, 12th in value over replacement player (VORP), 13th in points per game, 10th in total points, and 14th in win shares from his draft class.

By all measures, he is right on track and was drafted at the exact right spot.

However, at the end of last season, he did receive a single vote to come in third for the Rookie of the Year award. A single third-place vote is really nothing to get excited about, but considering that puts him in company with LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, Saddiq Bey, and Tyrese Haliburton, more could have been expected from him.

Vassell improved in every statistical category and did receive a lot more playing time this season, but he was drafted as a three-and-D player. His 3-point percentage did improve a bit this season, and his defense is good but nothing special.

Vassell does have a lot of time to improve and there is really no rush, but I was hoping he would use his time in the starting five to prove that he belongs there long term. With Primo getting older, the possible addition of Jaden Ivey, and even Lonnie Walker and Josh Richardson playing out of their minds recently, it's not impossible that Vassell could be replaced in the starting five.

There is no shortage of options. 

Grade: C