Grading Every Spurs Starter's 2021-22 Season

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Doug McDermott

No one expected Doug McDermott to start more than 50 games, but he did just that. He also finished seventh in the league with a 42.2% 3-point shot, which is better than it has been for most of his career. 

He also showed some craftiness as an interior scorer, with one of the best layup packages on the team. 

The only reason he wasn’t graded higher is that he is perhaps the worst defender on the Spurs after Jock Landale and Bryn Forbes, who is no longer employed by San Antonio.

He is slow and gets beat off the dribble, and he can’t meet anyone at the rim. Playing power forward as an unathletic and undersized shooter is no easy task, and the challenge is very apparent watching McDermott play. 

Of all the starters, McDermott gets to play the fewest minutes per night, all because of his lackluster defense. The saving grace is that he had one of the best seasons of his career, solidified himself as a very real trade asset, and proved to be well worth the three-year contract San Antonio signed him to this offseason.

At the time, it was called the worst move of free agency, but it looks like one of the most understated in hindsight. 

Doug McDermott earned a B, which is higher than Johnson’s B -. This does not mean that McDermott is a better player, it just means he did better compared to the preseason expectations put on his shoulders.

Grade: B