Grading Every Spurs Starter's 2021-22 Season

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Keldon Johnson

Keldon Johnson managed to shoot 40% from deep and was even in the top ten in the NBA in percentage for a sizable chunk of the season. While the 3-point shooting was a welcome addition to the lineup after last season, Johnson failed to live up to some other expectations. 

After spending the summer in Tokyo, Keldon was supposed to emerge as the gritty face of the franchise. His bruising, in-your-face, paint-dominating offensive style simply didn’t make the transition to this season. Inside the arc, his field goal percentage has gone down considerably from last year, and he has not emerged as a top rebounder. 

Johnson was supposed to be an All-Star this year or at least come close. Instead, he was really nowhere near his projected ceiling. His usage rate has remained the same, his efficiency everywhere aside from shooting the three-ball has gone down or remained the same, and he is not a defensive stud. 

Johnson can still be a very solid starter on a decent team, but his claim as the face of the future has been taken away by Dejounte Murray. I hope that, in the years to come, he retains his 3-point shot but also becomes the consistent presence in the post and paint that we know he can be. He has all the skills to be a three-level scorer, he just has not quite put them all together yet. 

Grade: B -