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Grading all San Antonio Spurs' 2022 NBA Draft picks

Jeremy Sochan - 2022 NBA Draft
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Blake Wesley - 2022 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Blake Wesley - 25th overall

Like Branham, Blake Wesley is another prospect who didn't grab my attention until a bit later in the draft cycle, primarily because of his poor shooting numbers. My attention shifted directly toward him in a big way, though, after overhearing an interesting (and bold) assertion: that he plays like a young Dejounte Murray.

Generally speaking, I strongly dislike player comparisons in draft analysis and approach them with a lot of skepticism. Being that this specific comparison involved Dejounte Murray, I dove into Wesley's film with even more skepticism. But even though I still don't think they're quite the same player--particularly on offense--I came away shocked at how close Wesley actually comes to being a younger version of Murray, perhaps even with a bit more scoring ability in his arsenal out of the gate.

Coming in at roughly 6'4" in shoes and yet boasting a 6'9" wingspan, Wesley is an above-average athlete with a deceivingly good burst. On defense, he has a nose for getting steals both on and away from the ballhandler. On offense, he's shown that he's capable of scoring on all three levels but can also make plays for others and grab rebounds at a decent rate for his size. While he isn't necessarily doing those things quite at the same rate that Murray did during his lone season at Washington, he fits Murray's mold almost to a T and could conceivably thrive developing under him.

Is Wesley an efficient scorer? Not in any sense of the word, no, and that is something he will have to address at the next level as Murray did. I would say that Wesley's NBA readiness and fit with the current roster are the most questionable of all of the Spurs' picks, but if the Spurs have gotten away with drafting another Dejounte Murray-like player in the late 20s, then this absolutely deserves to be celebrated as a great long-term selection.

Grade: B