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Dejounte Murray is top 10 in Spurs history in these 4 stats

San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray
San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Like he does with the ball when an opponent tries to cross him, Dejounte Murray has his fingerprints all over the San Antonio Spurs' franchise record books.

In just his fifth season, Murray is accomplishing things we haven't seen since the days of Tim Duncan while also heading up the leaderboards among the franchise's best players. His recent seven straight double-doubles hadn't been done since The Big Fundamental did so in 2009.

That accomplishment was just one of many he's already had in the young season for the Spurs, and he's already making his mark on the all-time leaderboards for the Spurs at age 25. Something tells me he's only getting started.

In looking at the Spurs' career leaders page, here's where Dejounte currently sits among some of the Alamo City's all-time greats.

1. Assist Percentage (248) - 10th All-time

Dejounte's tremendous growth as a playmaker this season has catapulted him into the top 10 all-time in assist percentage for San Antonio. Just look at what he's doing compared to the last two years:

2019-20: 23.1%
2020-21: 25.9%
2021-22: 36.7%

His huge growth this season now has him at a 24.9 assist percentage for his career, and that'll probably keep rising.

For comparison, only Johnny Moore had a higher lifetime career assist percentage as a Spur (36.8) than Murray is having this season. Tony Parker finished his career with a 32.2% rate (4th) and DeMar DeRozan left San Antonio at 6th with a rate of 27.8%. If Dejounte can keep up anything close to this rate going forward, he'll be up there with the best Spurs ever in this category by the time his time in Silver and Black is done.