Debunking reasons why the Spurs should compete this season

San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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“There’s only a 14% chance they would get Wemby”

It’s hard to argue with math, so I won’t even attempt to do that. But if the Spurs commit to a full tank and are one of, if not the, worst team in the league, they will have a very good chance (14%) at Wembanyama, and identical odds to landing Henderson at number two, or Amen Thompson at number three.

Thompson is an oversized point guard who can drive to the hoop, create space, and dominate in the Overtime Elite league. While Overtime Elite doesn’t have the same caché as NCAA ball, the NBA G-League Ignite, or even foreign leagues, it does offer a high level of competition with an emphasis on one on one matchups. 

In all honestly, Thompson looks like a better version of Cade Cunningham, with similar handles and better athleticism. His defense will be called into question during his rookie year, but in this upcoming draft class, as long as San Antonio falls into the top five, they should find an absolute stud, and a full tank is the best way to go about that.