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Could the Spurs sneak their way into a Jae Crowder trade?

Oscar Barkis
Jae Crowder, Doug McDermott
Jae Crowder, Doug McDermott / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs' return in the deal

As Phoenix makes the move for McDermott and Dallas ends up with Crowder, what is San Antonio left with? In truth, not a whole lot. Dallas, receiving the best player in the deal, will have to give up some sort of draft pick (the Mavs are out their 2023 first, so let’s say it’s a protected 2025 first or two second rounders). Because Phoenix is essentially downgrading players while picking up an extra year of a more expensive contract, they may want those picks to make other moves down the line.

In the world where that is true, the Spurs likely only are doing this trade to shed salary, which is not a bad thing! San Antonio ends up with the last year of Mavs center Dwight Powell’s deal and potentially adds him to the rotation if Jakob Poeltl is also moved. Then again, Phoenix does not exactly have the upper hand in this deal (as I explained, Crowder wants out, but the Suns want a rotation player in return), so maybe the Spurs are able to be on the receiving end of a draft pick.

All of that said, does the trade work? Heck yeah it does, and for my fellow degenerate Spurs fans, Jock Landale is back (to make the money work, but still)!!! I decided to give Phoenix the draft equity as that seems to be the most fair trade asset-wise, but truthfully, I am not sure what team is most deserving of the Mavs’ future picks. Regardless, the bones of a functioning deal are here, and that's what matters.

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So long, Dougie Fresh! (Yes, I did just give McDermott a new nickname on his way out of town.)