Could each Spur play on a championship team?

Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs
Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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C Tier: Middle and end-of-the-bench players

Josh Richardson, Doug McDermott, Zach Collins, Stanley Johnson, and Romeo Langford

I would say that Romeo Langford might belong in the B Tier just because of his defensive prowess, but after Boston traded him, they went on a tear and won their conference, so maybe they were correct in adding a better offensive player (not to knock his defense!) in Derrick White. 

It seems like every team that’s worth watching has shooters off the bench who don’t do much except shoot unless they really need to. On a good team, Doug McDermott would purely be a catch-and-shoot threat off the bench, and Josh Richardson would have minimal ball-handling duties because he is quite turnover prone. 

There was a time when Zach Collins was considered the future of the Portland Trailblazers, and that was at a time when they were quite good, at least in the regular season. Those days have since passed, but his intensity, physicality, and floor spacing would be welcome on any team that needs a shot of energy. I wouldn’t see him get more than 13 minutes a night, but he would become a fan favorite. Stanley Johnson was a bench piece on the 2021-22 Lakers, who were supposed to be very good, and then totally glopped, missing the playoffs. That was no fault of his own, though, so if he ended up on a properly solid team, he would do just fine.