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Cash or Trash: Ranking the Spurs' three new jersey designs

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As the San Antonio Spurs brace themselves for a full tank and identity change, it looks like their on-court look is one of many things that will get a rebrand. San Antonio will keep their classic black statement jerseys from years past, but fans can expect to see three new threads in the upcoming season.

Keeping with the flair of recent seasons, the Spurs have teased a third iteration of the beloved Fiesta jersey, this time with a teal base. On top of that, they are returning to the black-on-black “George Gervin” jersey, and they're breaking out a black alternate with “SATX” printed across the chest.

My initial reactions to all three ranged from “meh” to “holy cow,” and fortunately, I am not fully against any of the three new uniforms. 

Each jersey pays homage to San Antonio in some way beyond Spurs basketball, which I absolutely love, but each one is not without flaw. From best to worst, I think some fans will be fans of all three uniforms. 

#3: Statement edition jersey

I think pretty much everyone agrees that this is the worst one, but I have a different spin on it. I do not like this jersey simply because I liked the old statement jerseys more. I liked the gray with the offset Spurs logo and smaller numbers on the chest, although I know most fans were not enthused by that.

I have to say, I actually love the “SATX” text. I think it makes a bold statement: the Spurs are Texas’s team. The Mavericks started playing in 1980, so the Spurs have been around longer. The Rockets moved to Texas in 1971, and the Spurs started in Dallas as the Chaparrals before relocating.

The San Antonio Spurs can claim Texas because they have been here the longest, sell more tickets, and have won more championships than both teams combined. Claiming Texas is bold, but I like it.

Another positive is the sarape design down the side. An homage to the Mexican community in San Antonio, I think it adds to the jersey and makes the shorts absolutely pop. With the whole of Texas on the thigh portion, I think this jersey has the best stand-alone shorts of any of the three. 

This isn’t a bad piece, I just think they can do better and that they have in the past. On this list, last is not a bad place to be.