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Buy or sell: 3 Latest Spurs NBA Draft rumors

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2. The Spurs are set on drafting a center at 9th

No matter how long the Spurs have established themselves as an organization that rarely shows their hand, the media still tries to guess what they'll do. I can't really blame anyone. After all, we do plenty of that ourselves. My point here is that we can't really take any such reporting at face value.

Earlier this month, Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer revealed he's been hearing that many within NBA circles are expecting the Spurs to select a center with their 9th pick in the NBA Draft. This isn't totally out of the realm of possibility given San Antonio's weakness in their frontcourt.

Of course, Jakob Poeltl is a perfectly capable starting-level center that shouldn't be on the trade block for just anybody. Their area of weakness is more at the power forward slot, where they have an undersized one-way player currently starting.

I fully expect the Spurs to address their power forward needs on draft night, likely by finding someone that can play both center and power forward positions. I'm just not convinced they're dead set on using their lottery pick for that man. Fellow Air Alamo writer Roberto Araiza agrees.

I'd be shocked if the Spurs come away from draft night without a bigger body or two -- but I don't necessarily think that needs to come at 9th.

Verdict: Sell