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Buy or sell: 3 Latest Spurs NBA Draft rumors

Keegan Murray
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The 2022 NBA Draft is only hours away, and the San Antonio Spurs are set to be on the clock to make a selection four separate times.

With the draft class being as wide-open as ever beyond the top three talents, there's bound to be a lot of action taking place across the league during Thursday's draft and beyond. As such, there will also be dozens of rumors -- most of which won't amount to anything in the end.

The Spurs are often used by other league executives to create smoke around particular prospects, and they probably use some of that trickery themselves. I've been around long enough to know that most "intel" surrounding the Silver and Black can be taken with several grains of salt, but there are still some rumblings that are more believable than others.

While I don't claim to be tapped into what the Spurs' plans are (FYI: no one is), I can at least share my opinion on some of the latest talks with my knowledge of how the team usually operates. Let's get started with the most recent rumor, which came from Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report on Tuesday morning.

San Antonio Spurs
Keegan Murray / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

1. The Spurs want to trade up for Keegan Murray

According to Fischer, the Sacramento Kings are still garnering interest for their 4th overall pick by teams like the Indiana Pacers, New York Knicks, Washington Wizards, and San Antonio Spurs. He adds to this rumor that "it's believed the Pacers and Spurs are targeting Keegan Murray" with that selection.

There are a few things to address about this rumor. First of all, there should be no doubt that Keegan would fit in beautifully with what the Spurs need. Their weakest position all season long was the power forward slot, and Murray offers the kind of two-way versatility at that spot that they've been coveting.

Given how much he could improve the Spurs' frontcourt, it wouldn't be a surprise at all to me if they wanted to kick the tires on assuring they can get him. With that said, I'm not sure they have assets they're comfortable enough to part with that would be enough for the Kings.

On Tuesday, Zach Lowe speculated on his podcast that maybe the Spurs could offer the 9th pick plus either Keldon Johnson or Devin Vassell for pick number four. This is probably close to what it would take, and I'm not sure San Antonio is ready to part with either guy just yet.

Verdict: Buy on the interest in Murray, Sell on this actually happening.