San Antonio Spurs History

Building an All-Time starting five of the Spurs' rivals

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs / GABRIEL BOUYS/GettyImages
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Small Forward - Kawhi Leonard, Toronto Raptors 

How could I make a team centered around rivalries and beef with San Antonio and not include him? For the sake of the beef, the all-rival team will get the 2019 Raptors version of Kawhi when the rivalry with the Spurs was the freshest. 

Between lying about medical conditions, ignoring the team, hiding from teammates, and refusing to play, Kawhi might be the most disliked current Spur out there. 

Since his departure, the Spurs and whatever team he is riding the bench for haven’t had any games of consequence, although come playoff time, Silver and Black loyal are preying on the downfall of the Clippers. When he played with Toronto, I’m sure some fans cheered for the Great White North just because Danny Green was on the roster. 

Kawhi has centered his career as the best three-and-D player in the league when healthy. Thanks to Spurs coaching, Leonard has shot 39% from deep as an All-Star caliber player. Alonge Nash and Kobe, Leonard would be the defensive stopper who guards the best player on the opposing team and sits on the wing to put up shots when Nash kicks it out. Kawhi wouldn’t be the primary ball handler, although he could be the glue that holds this team together.