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Air Alamo staff grades 4 Spurs fan trades for Rockets No. 3 pick

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Trade 4: Is this trade an overpay, underpay, or just right for both sides?

The last trade package sends off rising center Jakob Poeltl plus all three 1st round picks to Houston for their 3rd pick in the draft. In doing so, San Antonio would be banking on that pick being their starting center of the future and wouldn't be giving up any of their guards.

Cal: This is just right for both sides. Poeltl is a legit top 10 center and could help them next season or even be traded for a first or two. The 20th pick and 25th picks should provide enough added value to the Rockets for them to strongly consider moving back to nine.

Roberto: If you’re a believer in this draft class like I am, then I think this may be the closest to being “just right” for both sides. I can very easily see the Rockets considering this an underpay, though. Jakob Poeltl, a late lottery pick, and two picks in the 20s likely do not hold enough guaranteed value and upside for the Rockets to bite.

Nic: Good package! I don't have a major issue here.

Ethan: Too much. All the first round picks and one of the best rim protectors in the league? That's too much for me.

Me: Looking at this from the Spurs' point of view, this wouldn't be the worst deal in the world. Although Poeltl is a hugely important piece, he's still relatively limited in what he brings offensively, whereas one of the top three prospects is likely to be more of a two-way threat with similar size.

If I'm the Rockets, I don't really see Poeltl as moving the needle enough to bite on this, even if I'm getting three high-value picks to make this offer much more respectable. This might be a slight underpay.

Verdict: 3 just rights, 1 overpay, 1 underpay

What can we learn from these trade offers?

I think it's pretty clear from all of these results that fans are all over the place with how much value should be placed on certain pieces. It's tough to know just how valuable the third pick in the NBA Draft will be without first knowing which of the big three prospects will be there. We also can never know for sure how their skills will translate to the NBA.

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Ultimately, any deal between these division rivals is unlikely but not impossible, and Brian Wright has shown he isn't afraid to buck the trend of standing pat that the Spurs established over the years.