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Air Alamo staff grades 4 Spurs fan trades for Rockets No. 3 pick

Devin Vassell, Jalen Green
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Trade 3: Is this trade an overpay, underpay, or just right for both sides?

The third trade proposal involves parting with a big chunk of assets and Keldon Johnson for the third pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. This would keep Devin Vassell in San Antonio but limit the Spurs to having just the 38th pick in addition to the 3rd.

Nic Yarbro: This is way too much. Insanity. The 2024 pick is completely unnecessary.

Roberto: Absolutely not. There is a very real possibility that the Spurs will still be a lottery team in 2024, and giving that pick away without protections could really come back to haunt them. Overpay.

Cal: Overpay! Johnson's trade value should be the equivalent to a lottery pick, but giving him up as well as all three picks and a future first is way too much.

Ethan: This is too much. Four 1st round picks plus a promising young player for one player that might not even turn out great? No way.

Me: Yeah, this is an easy no for San Antonio. The Spurs are still just beginning their rebuild, so there's no guarantee they won't need that potential lottery pick in 2024 to really secure themselves as a threat. I understand that trading for a top-three pick requires a significant package, but we're talking four 1st rounders plus a player with All-Star potential for a pick. This wouldn't happen.

Verdict: 5 overpays