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Air Alamo staff grades 4 Spurs fan trades for Rockets No. 3 pick

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Trade 2: Is this trade an overpay, underpay, or just right for both sides?

The next trade proposed by Air Alamo readers involves the Spurs departing with a high-upside lottery pick and one of the league's best shooters for the number three pick. They also throw in some draft picks to sweeten the pot.

Roberto: This is a package that I think the Rockets could be tempted by, but this is a very clear overpay to me. That being said, that’s coming from someone very high on Devin Vassell. I’m still fairly confident that this year’s draft isn’t quite as weak as many make it out to be, so shelling out one of the team’s best defenders in Vassell plus the two highest Spurs' picks isn’t the best move to me.

Ethan: Just right. It would be tough to give up Vassell, but it would be worth it for a top three get.

Cal: Right for both sides. Vassell was taken 11th overall just two years ago and is already a starter. He'd be a good young player for the Rockets to add. Also, by trading back just six spots, they'd get the 20th pick and the Doug McDermott for their trouble. McDermott could later be flipped for another first, so it's really Vassell and three firsts for the 3rd overall pick. (For the record, Air Alamo writer Nic Yarbro also agreed that this package is right for both sides.)

Me: I lean toward this being an overpay only because I'm so high on Devin Vassell, as Roberto is. I don't see why he couldn't be a star-level player in the next few years, and him plus the 9th and 20th picks are just a bit too steep for me. Strangely enough, if I'm reading this as a Rockets fan, I probably lean toward this being an underpay, but I have seen Vassell much more regularly than the average NBA fan. I think Vassell really makes this trade worth a serious pause from San Antonio.

Verdict: 3 just rights, 2 overpays