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Air Alamo Grades 3 Spurs Trades for Domantas Sabonis

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Our last trade has a lot of moving parts and was also proposed at Air Alamo recently. In it, the Spurs would be giving up a good chunk of their young core and a couple of firsts for Sabonis, LeVert, Dario Saric, and a 2022 2nd-round pick.

The Suns would shed Jalen Smith and Saric and get a guy they've had their eye on all season without having to sacrifice much. Indiana would have a wealth of young talent and an immediate pick to help with their efforts to rebuild.

Here's what the team thinks of this suggestion:

Nicholas Yarbro: "There's no way I feel comfortable giving up all of that for Sabonis and Caris, who I see as somewhat of a lateral move from Derrick. He's better, but not by much and not all the time."

Dylan Carter: "This deal would leverage the Spurs’ future for a chance at the play-in, which isn’t worth what they’re giving up, in my opinion."

Roberto Araiza: "Looking at the roster if this trade happened, while I actually don’t mind its construction, I think the ceiling for that team is the Western Conference Semifinals at the absolute best. The Spurs would need to be exceptionally lucky in several capacities for that roster to go beyond that."

Jonah Kubicek: "Giving up two picks is steep, but Caris LeVert is an underrated player and would fit in nicely."

Josh Paredes: Derrick and Keldon PLUS two first-rounders is mighty steep to me. I understand the talent Sabonis possesses and that he'd probably put the Spurs into playoff seeding right away, but there's just way too much untapped potential in Johnson and the picks San Antonio would otherwise have.

Individual Grades: F, C, D, B, F

Average Grade: D

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