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Air Alamo Grades 3 Spurs Trades for Domantas Sabonis

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The San Antonio Spurs might not be frontrunners in the Domantas Sabonis sweepstakes, but they'd be smart to at least consider putting some feelers out for the two-time NBA All-Star.

With the Indiana Pacers recently publicly hinting they're open to shopping Sabonis in a rebuilding effort, there will undoubtedly be several NBA teams calling with the hopes of acquiring his services. With his size and all-around offensive game, Sabonis would be a nice addition to a core of young guys looking for a star-level player to take them to that next tier.

It's tough to gauge if Domantas would be enough of a difference-maker in San Antonio's system to warrant surrendering multiple assets and young talent, but that's why I felt that another Air Alamo roundtable was needed.

Using a combination of trade ideas from The Athletic and our own homespun proposals, here are three potential trades and how some of our staff grades them, with my grade included last on each list.

The first trade suggestion comes from The Athletic's Sam Vecenie in a recent discussion with his colleagues about potential destinations for Domantas Sabonis. In his pitch, he argues the Pacers receiving Joshua Primo would be just as good as getting a lottery pick, making Indiana's haul essentially two lottery picks and a good young player in Derrick White.

Here's what our panel had to say about the trade:

Nicholas Yarbro: "The Spurs lose a "top-10 pick" in Primo, their second-best player, and a high lottery pick for a big who doesn't fit next to Jakob."

Roberto Araiza: "I'm not going to say Primo is untouchable in a trade if it really came down to him, but trading him in the middle of his rookie season after making a clear gamble on him in the draft would be awfully strange. Sabonis is not on the short list of players that make me want to go through with that move."

Dylan Carter: "I don't think that would be enough to get Sabonis from Indy, and moving on from Primo before ever truly giving him a chance would kind of suck. For the player you'd be getting back though? It's not bad."

Josh Paredes: Personally, I agree with Dylan here that Indiana probably would ask for more for their proven star than a promising two-way player and an 18-year-old project. Sure, there's value in what will likely be a high lottery pick as well, but I feel like the Pacers will have better offers on the table.

Giving up on Primo also doesn't make a lot of sense for the Spurs and this is the first real season Derrick White can be a true leader on the team. I don't like this much for either team.

Individual Grades: F, B, F, C, D

Average Grade: C -

On to trade two, which involves bringing back a former Spurs fan favorite along with Domantas.