Mock Draft 2.0: Final mock before Thursday's 2021 NBA Draft

Jalen Suggs, Jared Butler - Baylor v Gonzaga
Jalen Suggs, Jared Butler - Baylor v Gonzaga / Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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Jalen Suggs - UCLA v Gonzaga / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

. Combo Guard. Gonzaga. 4. 81. . Jalen Suggs. player

The Toronto Raptors managed to sneak their way into the top four of this year's draft, and with the fourth overall pick, their pick needs to be Jalen Suggs. With Kyle Lowry likely on his way out sooner rather than later, they'll certainly need more depth at the point guard position.

There have been rumblings lately that the Raptors are taking a serious look at Scottie Barnes for the fourth pick, but I don't think those rumors have much substance to them. There's no doubt that Barnes deserves to be in the conversation for a top-five pick, but for Toronto, I think he'd be a poor choice unless Pascal Siakam is on the way out.

Being that Jalen Suggs is a bit of a do-it-all combo guard, I like the versatility that he could bring to the Raptors. While he isn't the best outside shooter quite yet, shooting won't be his primary responsibility right out of the gate, and Fred VanVleet and Gary Trent Jr. should be able to pick up the slack.

Otherwise, Suggs is about as sure as a sure thing can get. He is already a good defender and rebounder for his position and averaging 14.4 points and 4.5 assists per game is nothing to scoff at either. If his scoring production translates to the NBA and continues to improve, I like Suggs' fit with the Raptors quite a lot.