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Mock Draft 2.0: Final mock before Thursday's 2021 NBA Draft

Jalen Suggs, Jared Butler - Baylor v Gonzaga
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73. . Wing. Corey Kispert. 26. player. . Gonzaga

Corey Kispert is another player that I have falling further down the draft board than nearly every mock suggests he will, going 26th overall to the Denver Nuggets.

There are only a few teams that I think would take a bit of a risk and reach on Kispert, mostly being teams that are utterly desperate for outside shooting. Two teams that immediately come to mind in that regard are the New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers, but I think both teams will have better options to choose from at their respective picks.

Do not get me wrong--Kispert is one of the best three-point shooters in the draft and has shown some evidence that he can find other ways to score. He seems to have gotten more comfortable with putting the ball on the floor, shooting on the move, and finishing at the basket off cuts.

That being said, Kispert will probably be an average defender at absolute best and will probably struggle quite a bit when he first enters the league. His athleticism is mediocre at best and his defensive IQ is good, but not great. A player comparison he's been getting for ages now is Joe Harris and, based on how each of them performed in the NCAA Tournament and NBA Playoffs, respectively, teams may be tempering their expectations of players of their archetype.

At the 26th pick, though, the Nuggets would be getting a knockdown shooter at a very good value, which would complement the current roster well.