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Mock Draft 2.0: Final mock before Thursday's 2021 NBA Draft

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Virginia. player. . . Wing. Trey Murphy III. 21. 27

As the Knicks expected, the Hawks chose a talented point guard with their pick. So, with the 21st overall pick in the draft, the New York Knicks select Virginia's Trey Murphy III.

Murphy has been steadily rising on draft boards lately, and for good reason. He's an athletic, 6'9" wing that made 43% of his three-point shots on nearly five attempts per game that's also a very good defender. He has the size and length to reasonably defend the 1-3 and possibly some power forwards as well.

There will likely be several good shooters still available at this point in the draft, and I could easily see the Knicks taking Corey Kispert with this pick. Once again though, I'm not entirely certain that Thibs would be too thrilled with a player that only projects to be about average on the defensive end of the floor. Murphy, on the other hand, projects as a versatile defender, is a year younger, and is far longer and more athletic.

A big reason I was never high on Murphy as a Spurs prospect was due to his lackluster rebounding, but this can be hidden well on a Knicks team that already has several good rebounders. More than anything else, Murphy will have to work on his ball-handling and gaining more strength. If he can improve his pull-up jumper, he could be a steal for the Knicks at the 21st pick.