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Mock Draft 2.0: Final mock before Thursday's 2021 NBA Draft

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29. . . Stretch Big. Texas. Kai Jones. 12. player

You may have already guessed it, but with the 12th overall pick, the San Antonio Spurs select Kai Jones.

For the time being, the Spurs can afford to draft based on long-term potential given that none of the Spurs' young players have shown definitive superstar-level potential yet. After being able to watch Kai Jones all season long at the University of Texas this past year, I've come to the conclusion that the All-Star potential that the Spurs could be looking for in the frontcourt is there with him.

Looking at his stats alone is a surefire way to leave you feeling very underwhelmed about his game, but if you've actually watched him play enough, then you've probably seen some flashes of brilliance from him on both sides of the floor. As a former track and field athlete, he's one of the most athletic players in his class and, in combination with his size, will have a higher floor in the league than most give him credit for.

The Spurs are desperately in need of bigs that are athletic enough to keep up with their backcourt, and Jones would slide in perfectly. His defensive versatility will make him playable on just about anybody, particularly once he adds some more muscle to his frame, and his potential to stretch the floor could open up the team's offense dramatically. He would simply bring an entirely new dynamic to the team that Jakob Poeltl and Drew Eubanks can't bring themselves.

He's a unique talent that will bring the necessary athleticism, size, upside, and work ethic that will be needed to succeed with the Spurs. Considering he also fills a position of need, it almost feels like a match that's too good to be true.