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Ranking 8 possible Spurs backup point guards

Tre Jones, San Antonio Spurs
Tre Jones, San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Veterans who the Spurs could help stay in the league

The two guys in this category are not on a roster but have combined for eight All-Star games and two All-NBA nods. Both are well into their thirties, and in an ideal world, they would play one season in the Silver and Black and then find a home elsewhere as they try and keep their NBA dreams afloat. One is a champion who has put two teams over the hump, and the other is an aged star looking for regained glory. Neither would be a huge fan of backing up Tre Jones, but at this point in their career, that might be all they can do. 

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo has never been my favorite player, and despite his talents as a floor general, I would not be a fan if the Spur were to sign him. At 35 years old, Rondo can still get four assists off the bench and play decent defense. 

Rondo also limits turnovers, which is a key reason why the Spurs would consider signing him. In fact, it might be the only reason why the Spurs would consider signing him. I do really like the idea of Bassey and Rondo running a pick and roll for the second unit, and I think he still has some highlight plays left in the tank, but he hasn’t been a key player since 2020 when he helped the Lakers win a title.

Since 2014, he has played for nine different teams, which doesn't bode well for his locker room energy. In all honesty, the friendships between Johnson, Sochan, and Vassell seem to be unshakable, so maybe Rondo wouldn’t get in their way. On the court, this could be a good signing, but off the court, I’m not too sure.

Kemba Walker

Another player in his thirties, Kemba Walker, was a solid player in Boston and then had a miserable year in New York under Tom Thibodeau. He was traded to Detroit this offseason and then waived last month without playing a single game. He probably wants to win a ring at this point in his career, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I’ve always thought Walker was likable, but slotting in as backup on a lottery-bound team might bring out some tensions. Still, if he can show that he is still a 15-point-per-game guy who can dish and keep the ball in the right hands, I think he could sign elsewhere next year or even get flipped for younger talent if the Spurs hold their cards right. 

Walker is not great on defense and never has been, but with Bassey guarding the rim on the second unit, no one is driving to the rack. An unlikely pairing, Walker in SA, but it could work for both parties.