6 Free agents Spurs should have on early radar for 2023-24 season

Jordan Poole - 2022 NBA Finals - Game Six
Jordan Poole - 2022 NBA Finals - Game Six / Elsa/GettyImages
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Grant Williams (Restricted Free Agent)

Outside of age and team fit, I'm looking for role players that may have a bit of untapped upside and whose teams may be hesitant to throw a bigger contract their way. I think Boston's Grant Williams fits that bill. After relatively underwhelming rookie and sophomore seasons, Williams seems to have found his footing in the league quite a bit more in his third year and was a significant contributor to the Celtics' finals run, particularly on defense.

Despite an underwhelming Finals series against the Warriors in the Finals, he's proven his worth at only 23 years old in some high-pressure games, with his 27-point, 6-rebound, 2-block performance in an elimination game against the Milwaukee Bucks standing out in my mind.

Similar to Bruce Brown, Williams plays quite a bit bigger in the paint than his height suggests and is capable of playing significant minutes as a small-ball 4 or 5. He's improved his shooting each year in the league with an emphasis on his free-throw shooting, which skyrocketed by a bit over 31% this past season to 90.5%.

Williams quietly came close to hitting 50/40/90 shooting splits as a frontcourt player (48/41/91 to be more exact), is an underrated rim protector for his size, and gets under players' skin. Those players don't grow on trees, so expect the Spurs to have some level of interest.