6 Free agents Spurs should have on early radar for 2023-24 season

Jordan Poole - 2022 NBA Finals - Game Six
Jordan Poole - 2022 NBA Finals - Game Six / Elsa/GettyImages
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3 Proven free agent role-players for the San Antonio Spurs

In true Spurs fashion, I think it's best to begin with a few players that may not be the flashiest of choices but could prove to be valuable additions to the bench at the very least. I wouldn't expect the following three players to turn into stars with the Spurs, create their own scoring opportunities, or generally have the ball in their hands much. But they'll be able to come off the bench, hit some shots, play quality defense, and won't necessarily break the bank.

Bruce Brown (Player Option)

Bruce Brown is quite the unique player and someone that I think could be a realistic acquisition for the Spurs if the conditions are right. First reported by Malika Andrews, Brown decided to leave the Brooklyn Nets in favor of a two-year, $13+ million dollar deal with the Denver Nuggets. If that sounds like a good deal for the Nuggets to you, that's because it probably is. Per Tim Reynolds, there's a belief that Brown could have landed a larger contract on the market but chose to prioritize team fit.

That team-first mentality, along with his positional versatility and reliability on the court, leads me to believe that the Spurs front office will see him as a big target next offseason were he to opt out of his second season with the Nuggets. Brown is a pesky, hardnosed point of attack defender capable of playing bigger than his measurements suggest, was a 40% three-point shooter this past season, and is generally very fundamentally sound. Hope for another standout year from Brown along with another Nuggets playoff exit if you want to see him in a Spurs uniform in the '23-24 season.