6 Free agents Spurs should have on early radar for 2023-24 season

Jordan Poole - 2022 NBA Finals - Game Six
Jordan Poole - 2022 NBA Finals - Game Six / Elsa/GettyImages
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Another season means another free agent class for the San Antonio Spurs to shop from, but the team is in the most unique position they've been in over the past several years. After selecting Jeremy Sochan, Malaki Branham, and Blake Wesley in the 2022 NBA Draft and parting ways with Dejounte Murray shortly after, the Spurs look to be making moves toward a full-scale rebuild and vying for a top pick in 2023's star-studded draft class.

Only a couple of months ago, many Spurs fans (including myself) were expecting the Spurs to potentially find an All-Star or near All-Star-level partner for Dejounte Murray, but with the rebuild looming, free agency has become quite a bit murkier for the organization. Even so, the Spurs are currently projected to have nearly $60 million in cap space in the 2023 offseason, giving the team far more money to work with than the large majority of NBA teams. While that figure could shrink if, for example, a trade involving Russell Westbrook were finalized, such a deal is still up in the air.

With so much still uncertain, it can be a challenging task to figure out which players the Spurs will be interested in by the time free agency rolls around. If you're asking me, I think there are two possible routes the Spurs can go with their free agency selections: (1) finding versatile, proven role players that won't take too many reps away from the team's young core players or (2) young, high-upside swings that have a chance to become long-term mainstays with the team. The following six players could fit the bill.