6 Big East prospects who could solve Spurs' problems

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San Antonio Spurs
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2. Andre Jackson, F - UConn

The term versatile sums it up when watching Andre Jackson hoop. This young gun is a contributor in multiple faucets of the game and shows a huge upside with some still raw talent at the forward spot. Read the newspaper headlines from this season and you will see things like “leading rebounder”, “strong showing even in defeat” and “Jackson embraces challenge”.

Andre stuffs the stat sheet each time he gets the chance, padding that already impressive resume. One caveat is that he is only a sophomore, so this may be a guy to watch for a couple of years if he doesn’t declare. If he does, then pick him up and do not think twice. 

San Antonio Spurs
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3. Adama Sanogo, F - UConn

Tough as they come, folks. Adama Sanago played through a gruesome finger injury during the latter part of the season, which, of course, includes March and the madness that comes with it.

In simpler terms, he played hurt when crunch time came, didn’t blink, and produced. This big man anchored the Huskies on both the offensive and defensive sides of the court and was a pillar in UConn's March Madness mini-run.

Sanogo brings his passion to the court, filters that energy, and turns into a double-double machine who can show out with the best of them. Just take a gander at him throwing down an alley-oop from his teammate Andre Jackson, who I mentioned earlier. Oh, mama!