San Antonio Spurs All-Time Lists

Thanksgiving Special: 50 reasons Spurs fans should be grateful this holiday season

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs
Tim Duncan, Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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37. The Spurs could land Victor Wembanyama

They have a young core but could add to it and make the team a contender soon. 

38. The Spurs turned Derrick White into a solid player and a pick

Not a knock on Derrick White at all, but the Spurs fleeced Boston last season in the trade. They also got Romeo Langford and Josh Richardson

39. Tim Duncan was never greedy

Until he retired, Duncan was an All-NBA caliber player, but his final three seasons saw him make less than two million dollars and helped the Spurs retool, pending his retirement. 

40. The Spurs have the best championship parades

Floating down a river is awesome, and Popovich’s dance moves seal the deal. 

41. Spurs’ Twitter is not a total cesspool 

Parts of it are, to be sure, but unlike other corners of the internet, you can meet some decent folks and have productive discussions. 

42. Jeremy Sochan keeps his hair interesting

For a franchise labeled “boring,” Sochan is keeping the Spurs fun and colorful. 

43. Charles Barkley yelling “GINOBILIIIIIIII”

44. Ginobili’s block on James Harden

I think this is the second-best Spurs play ever behind Robert Horry, and it was at the expense of my least favorite player. 

45. The Spurs haven’t made a horrible trade

Every team has a trade that haunts them, and the San Antonio Spurs are the exception.

46. Becky Hammon

She might not have won a title on the bench for the Spurs, but she is a WNBA all-time great and one of the best coaching stories of the last ten years.