San Antonio Spurs All-Time Lists

Thanksgiving Special: 50 reasons Spurs fans should be grateful this holiday season

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs
Tim Duncan, Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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26. Boris Diaw, the point guard

Another fan favorite, he helped the Spurs secure the 2014 title with his unorthodox style of play for a power forward. 

27. When other teams win, they have the Spurs to thank

Almost every NBA champion has had a former Spur on the coaching staff. The Suns, Bucks, Celtics, and Warriors are all recent examples. 

28. Getting to draft David Robinson

While he was not as good as Tim Duncan, Robinson kept the Spurs alive when Micheal Jordan dominated the league.

29. The Shaq and Kobe Lakers

Every amazing team needs a rival, and Shaq and Kobe were as formidable as they come. 

30. Sean Elliot, the broadcaster 

Shoutout to Bill Land, but Sean Elliot is the reason I keep renewing my League Pass subscription. 

31. The air conditioning broke in 2014

The Spurs got to win Game One of the 2014 NBA Finals, which gave them the momentum to finish the job.

32. Fiesta colors are back

After over 20 years of silver and black jerseys, the teal is here, and fans are going nuts over them. 

33. All-Star game streak

From 1998-2019, the Spurs had at least one representative in the NBA All-Star game.

34. Danny Green is a three-time champion

Granted, one came with the Lakers, and one came with the Raptors, but “three-time champion Danny Green” has a nice ring to it. 

35. The Spurs don’t get injured that often

Aside from David Robinson getting hurt in the 1996-97 season, the Spurs have never really had a catastrophic injury unless you count Kawhi’s debacle. 

36. Former Spurs stay in San Antonio

David Robinson and others are all active members of the SA community, proving that the Spurs are bigger than basketball.