San Antonio Spurs All-Time Lists

Thanksgiving Special: 50 reasons Spurs fans should be grateful this holiday season

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs
Tim Duncan, Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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6. Turning DeMar DeRozan into a well-rounded player

The DeRozan years will be remembered as the Spurs holding on for a bit too long, but they turned him from just a scorer to an MVP candidate with increased passing abilities.

7. The pre-Zaza injury Kawhi years

Thanksgiving is a time for forgiveness, and Kawhi’s defense in the 2014 NBA Finals made winning possible, lest we forget. 

8. Success in the ABA

If the Spurs did not dominate the ABA and set attendance records, they probably would not have made it into the NBA, and we wouldn’t have a great team to cheer for.

9. Tim Duncan decided to stay in San Antonio

In 2000 free agency, Tim Duncan almost jumped ship to Orlando, but Doc Rivers fumbled the bag and a potential dynasty. 

10. Developing Tony Parker instead of signing Jason Kidd

In 2003, Jason Kidd almost joined the Spurs, and they would have had instant success, but I prefer the homegrown talent.

11. The fact that Mike D'Antoni is not a winner

If the mid-2000s Suns or 2010s Rockets had a good coach, the Spurs could have missed out on some NBA titles, so thanks, Mike!

12. The fact that James Harden is not a winner

See above, but specifically for those Rocket teams.

13. Rasheed Wallace forgot to guard Robert Horry

When you’re down by two points in the NBA Finals, it’s probably a good idea to stick to your man, especially when he’s called “‘Big Shot Bob.”

14. The Memorial Day Miracle

Another shot over Rasheed Wallace helped the Spurs sweep the Portland Trailblazers on their way to their first NBA title. 

15. Winning the Draft Lottery in 1997

The Spurs took the most obvious pick ever in Tim Duncan, and the rest is history.