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Thanksgiving Special: 50 reasons Spurs fans should be grateful this holiday season

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs
Tim Duncan, Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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As the San Antonio Spurs continue their 50th season in the Alamo City, we celebrate 50 Thanksgivings with the Silver and Black. This is my favorite holiday. I live in Michigan, so Christmas is always a blizzard, but I appreciate the family gatherings that fall brings. Plus, Thanksgiving football is better than Christmas basketball. Sacrilegious to post on an NBA site, I know. 

Halloween is cool and all, but I’m more of a chill bonfire guy than a frat basement party guy, so Thanksgiving takes the cake–or pie. 

The Spurs are the best team in North American sports, so fans of the franchise have plenty of reasons to be thankful this season. A word for the wise–when grandma asks what you’re thankful for, maybe say you’re just happy to be with family instead of launching into a ten-minute soliloquy on why Charles Bassey is the best waiver wire pickup in team history. If you plan on doing that, invite me at least. 

1. The Spurs can develop shooters

Bruce Bowen, Patty Mills, Keldon Johnson, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Jeremy Sochan (soon) all have the Spurs to thank for their incredible three-point percentages.

2. The Spurs can find talent where no one else can

Tony Parker, Dejounte Murray, Manu Ginobili, Kyle Anderson, and Keldon Johnson were all famously picked late in the draft.

3. The Spurs have an excellent coaching tree

The Spurs are a vital part of the NBA, and they have connections on almost every single NBA team.

4. The Spurs ushered in international success

Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili were some of the first Euro players to find success in the NBA, and the Spurs ushered in the trend of drafting international players on potential. 

5. The LaMarcus Aldridge signing

Adding LaMarcus Aldrige in 2015 nearly single-handedly kept the Spurs relevant during the post-Duncan years, and they did not miss the playoffs while Aldrige was around. It is a very underrated signing in NBA history.