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5 Washington Guys Dejounte Murray Must Try Recruiting ASAP

Zach LaVine
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1. Joe Harris - Brooklyn Nets

Although there isn't any indication that Dejounte Murray has any kind of relationship with Joe Harris, maybe now is the time to start forming one. Harris was born in Chelan, Washington and played high school basketball roughly four hours away from Murray's school at Rainier Beach.

Since being drafted 33rd overall in 2014, Harris has established himself as one of the best 3-point shooters in the game. The 6-6 guard led the league in 3-point percentage in 2019 (47.4) and 2021 (47.5) and was still lighting it up this season (46.6) before requiring ankle surgery.

Obviously, bringing in a veteran making 44% of his threes over his career would be a no-brainer, so the Spurs would be happy to take him in a heartbeat. They just might have to wait a while before being able to do so.

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Harris is under contract for two more years but will be in his early 30s when his contract is due to expire after the 2023-24 season.