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5 Washington Guys Dejounte Murray Must Try Recruiting ASAP

Zach LaVine
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2. Zach LaVine - Chicago Bulls

Zach LaVine's high school was less than an hour away from Dejounte Murray's growing up, and the Renton native has had a close relationship with him for at least a decade. The two have been tweeting each other since before either of them was in the league and have always been supportive of each others' endeavors since making it big.

LaVine is now a bonafide star in the league and is on the way to his second of what will probably be many NBA All-Star appearances in his career. He's the kind of talent that would be a gamechanger in San Antonio and would give them a legitimate proven star to build around.

LaVine would clearly be a prize get by San Antonio, but it would take some master-level recruiting from Murray for them to pry him from the thriving Chicago Bulls. He'll likely command the full max from them, and it's hard to see them not complying.

Still, there's plenty of evidence that Murray and LaVine admire each other and it wouldn't be a surprise to see them discussing some type of reunion, even if it's years from now.