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5 Washington Guys Dejounte Murray Must Try Recruiting ASAP

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3. Kevin Porter - Houston Rockets

After his out-of-nowhere 50 point game against the Milwaukee Bucks last year, Kevin Porter Jr has been underwhelming for the Houston Rockets this season. While his 16.6 points per game was an impressive mark for a sophomore, his efficiency has taken a major hit, but that shouldn't mean he should already be given up on.

There's no way to sugarcoat it, Porter Jr is struggling this year with season-low shooting numbers across the board, but much of that might have to do with him not being happy with the environment in Houston. Leaving at halftime of an NBA game doesn't exactly scream out "this is your guy, Coach Popovich," but I'd like to think a 21-year-old can change. The next game after the incident that resulted in his suspension, Porter hit the game-winner over the Wizards.

There would obviously be a lot of maturity and attitude issues that need to addressed, but there's no doubt Kevin Porter can score with ease when he's in the right system. The Spurs saw what he was capable of firsthand on Wednesday. His closeness with Murray could eventually come into play when he's a free agent after the 2022-23 season.