5 Washington Guys Dejounte Murray Must Try Recruiting ASAP

Zach LaVine
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San Antonio Spurs
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4. Gary Payton II - Golden State Warriors

Although he didn't play basketball in his home state of Washington, it's safe to say Gary Payton II has ties to Seattle, beginning with his Hall of Fame father. Now, Payton is carving out a nice role for himself on the skyrocketing Golden State Warriors.

“Gary’s a two-way player,” Kerr said after recently guaranteeing his contract for the rest of the season. "He's got a knack around the rim. We've seen it every single night, whether it's in transition or offensive boards or playing in the dunker spot."

It certainly appears that Payton has finally found a promising role since making it to the NBA undrafted in 2017. That said, it's too early to say how the offseason will go for the Warriors and just how much his play will drive up his value as an unrestricted free agent next season.

While the Spurs already have a wealth of guards at their disposal, taking someone like Payton II for cheap could help fill in a void left by someone who might be departing this summer.