5 Things Spurs fans must know about 2022-23 schedule

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4. The Spurs' only national TV game will be their big Alamodome fiesta

As expected, the rebuilding Spurs will only be in the national spotlight once this season (not including three NBATV games). On January 13, the Spurs will be returning to the Alamodome for the first time since 2002 when they host the defending champion Golden State Warriors to commemorate their 50th Anniversary.

The Spurs are hopeful that opening the entire Dome can bring the city together and help them break the record for attendance in a single NBA game, which is currently held by the Atlanta Hawks, whom hosted the Chicago Bulls in 1998 (62,046). The Alamodome can hold over 65,000 fans.

While San Antonio will be heavy underdogs in the contest, it’ll still be a citywide celebration as everyone returns to the site of the Spurs’ first-ever NBA title in 1999. The game will be airing live on ESPN.

5. The Spurs’ Rodeo Road Trip will be East-heavy and feature 9 games

Spurs fans have grown accustomed to barely seeing their squad at home during February, and this season will be no different. San Antonio will only play two games at the AT&T Center that month – one against Sacramento on February 1 and one against the 76ers on February 3. 

After that, the Spurs will be hitting the road for six straight games against Eastern Conference teams before the All-Star break. They’ll resume the road trip with three more games against Western Conference foes before returning home in March.

Here’s how the entire road trip breaks down:

Feb 6 - Chicago Bulls
Feb 8 - Toronto Raptors
Feb 10 - Detroit Pistons
Feb 11 - Atlanta Hawks
Feb 13 - Cleveland Cavaliers
Feb 15 - Charlotte Hornets
Feb 19 - All-Star Break
Feb 23 - Dallas Mavericks
Feb 25 - Utah Jazz
Feb 28 - Utah Jazz

Here is the full schedule for the Spurs in 2022-23:

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While it may be too much of an uphill battle to contend this season, there’s still plenty to look forward to as the Spurs look to re-tool in 2023.