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5 Players Who Would Have Made Horrible San Antonio Spurs

Dwight Howard
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4. Carmelo Anthony

Yet another Mike D’Antoni product. Perhaps he’s the guy I really have an issue with. Carmelo Anthony would have made perhaps the worst Spur. A prolific scorer and decent rebounder, I believe his image was boosted heavily by his 2003 NCAA title with Syracuse and the fact that he spent the majority of his career in New York City.

Carmelo Anthony is a loser, plain and simple. He has made the playoffs 12 times but has never made it to the Finals. His career win percentage of .545 could have been raised significantly if he did not demand obscene amounts of money as a Knick and allowed himself some help. He refused to come off the bench for the Thunder despite it being very clear he was washed at that point. 

Recently he seems to have settled into his role as a veteran bench presence that he’s found in Portland and Los Angeles, but I still can’t get over his whole schtick. His “Hoodie Melo” clips of him working out in a gym garnered way too much hype.

He’s an NBA player. Of course he looks good playing alone. His “get the f*ck outta here” rebounding yell is quite odd when you consider a rebound is the most he’s contested for his entire NBA career. 

His work ethic seems to be lacking, and his motivation to win is totally absent. As a Spur, you need to want to win, and since he left college, it’s never really seemed like he cares that much.

To be a Spur, you need to play efficient offense and elite defense, and Carmelo is a very inefficient volume scorer, who, like James Harden, seemingly did not care for defense. Hopefully, he retires without a ring. He never earned one.